Spending time in two different homes throughout the year has me ‘spring cleaning’ most of the time. I regularly decide what to keep and use, what to pass on and what to hold onto for that ‘maybe I’ll use this one day’ box. There are items my children will want in homes of their own, and things I WISH them to have in a home of their own. Keeping two homes has forced me to evaluate each item’s value — emotional and practical — while fitting into my desire to live with less.

At the very same time, I happily visit local thrift stores, yard sales and church bizarres.


I love the hunt.

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What am I looking for?

That one of a kind piece, the treasure worth more than the asking price, or that item which saves me from spending more at a commercial store.

Some of these exceptional finds will be shared here, and at least once a month, several will be offered at The Thrifted Dish in a pop-up sale.

Follow along with me as I post what will be brought into my home, added to my collections or yours, or repurposed to save us both time and money.

We apologize this video is not compatible with all mobile devises.