Virgin wool


Having been raised on a sheep farm, I am partial to wool and wool products. I came across this small 100% virgin wool throw. At 38″ x 46″ it is the perfect size for an over-the-shoulder throw. It’s easy to pack or keep in the car.  It is quite possible it’s a baby, carriage or stadium blanket. This throw is labeled CARLSDYKE, from Charles Pindyck, New York. Based on what I’ve seen online, time period is approximately 1960’s.

In selecting a wool blanket for purchase from a thrift store, there are a few important considerations.

1. Do you need it?

2. {This is one of the first things I do}: The sniff test. Does the item give off an odor? Does it smell musty or of cigarette smoke? Most stores have already addressed these issues, but do not take any chances. Some odors will linger no matter what you try to do to get rid of them, making the item unusable in your home.

3. Unfold the blanket completely. Check for tears or holes. Be sure to look at the edge of the blanket where tears and wear can begin. Also, check for stains. Wool blankets should move easily in your hands. If it seems stiff it may mean that the blanket was shrunk, accidentally or otherwise, but none-the-less, not ideal for your use. These problems must be weighed in your decision about the purchase of the product.

4. Finally, based on your findings of the condition, determine if the asking price is appropriate.

The only exception I make when purchasing wool blankets to the above, is if I am going to use them as batting in a quilt or craft project. Usually then, I can work around problem areas as I most likely will cut the piece apart.

DSC_0043This blanket was priced at $6.99.

It’s condition is exceptionally clean. There is no evidence of wear. It is free of holes and odor. The fringe is intact. There is no sign of fading.

I have at least a dozen wool blankets in various colors and plaids. They are layered on beds in a coastal cottage, or used regularly on chilly days while reading books around the wood stove. I’m happy to say this blanket came home to The Thrifted Dish.

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