In the winter my decorating focus is on the glass and reflective items I own as I find myself in a constant search for light during the shortest days. However, as warm weather approaches, I choose to feature the natural elements in my home.  

While wood brings a warm feel to any table or home, these particular pieces have a light, earthy feel – perfect as I open my windows and doors to the outside.


DSC_0006The two pieces, center and right, currently reside on my desk. I found them during separate shopping trips, but enjoy seeing them together. It is not so unusual for a family member to come along to chat while I’m working and pick one or the other up and hold in their hands. I find that wood has that tactile appeal. Each piece was under $1.50.

The third vessel, found for 49 cents, sits with pencils at the ready on my art cupboard. Looks like some should be sharpened, so maybe not so ready, but you know what I mean.
DSC_0011These are simple pieces and while they don’t have a great value, they add a natural element to any table top.