When I head into a thrift store aisle, I tend to scan the entire area rather quickly. I suppose everyone has their own style of shopping, but for me it’s about speed. At least in the beginning of my trip. Amongst the typical glass and metal container section, every now and again I’ll see something that is out of the norm. That’s what I go for and instantly place in my cart. Decisions regarding it’s condition and price can be thoroughly assessed further on into the store visit. But, I like to be sure I don’t miss out on what’s available. If the item is not right for me, I do place it back in it’s original location for the next customer.


That’s exactly what happened with this 1960’s Pennsylvania Dutch print tin. Into the cart it went! At $3.99 I knew it would probably come home with me. DSC_0027Perhaps it’s original use was a sewing tin, picnic tin or even a food container from the start. No matter. It’s condition was great with no scratches on the exterior paint. The top fit well and was easy to take on and off. The interior was clean and free from rust. The handles work well as they move freely along the side. It measures 11″x 8 1/4″ and is 4 1/2″ tall. I’ve seen sellers online asking anywhere from twenty to seventy-five dollars.

But, I’m thinking cookie storage — what a great container to transport some treats to a friend’s house! The Thrifted Dish delivers!


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