I am not always winding my way through the dish aisle at the local thrift store looking for just any old piece of pottery. I often keep an eye out for pieces to add to collections.

Years ago I was gifted a tall brown pitcher. It was my grandmothers and I can remember her pouring pancake batter from it after we had slept at her home. On one of my very early thrifting adventures I stumbled upon two plates of the same pattern. Clearly it was one of those ‘emotional’ purchases because the pattern was the same, and it reminded me so much of her. Trip after trip, in various shops, I would see additional pieces; serving bowls, mugs, mixing bowls, a creamer and cups and saucers.

Having owned a home for many years now, I’ve gone through numerous dishes as I’ve raised my family. So back in those early days of thrifting I decided I’d commit to this MarCrest stoneware pattern for daily use.



As a personal preference, I am drawn to stoneware made in the USA or England. I suppose much of it has to do with the weight and feel of the piece as they often, not always but sometimes, tend to be heavier in the hand.

 I have been able to pick up each cup, bowl, saucer or plate for usually a dollar or less. My serving pieces and mixing bowls (not pictured) averaged two to four dollars each. Currently I have 13 diner plates, 4 large mugs, 8 cups with saucers and 11 soup or cereal bowls. While I surely could have paid more and immediately acquired the missing pieces I needed via the internet, I took my time, and collected individual stoneware pieces and saved along the way.

I love it’s simplicity, sturdiness, and warm chocolate color.